Humans of OBU: Adam Graves

“I was at Mr. Tiger, competing at Mr. Tiger. I sang Beyonce’s ‘Partition,’ still didn’t win- still bitter. Jessica Ashcroft came up to me after the performance and gave me some random girl’s number. So I left, was hanging out with my friends and I ended up texting that random girl’s number and said, ‘Hey, this is Gravy. Do you want to ride the Gravy train?’ She said, ‘Is it white or brown gravy?’ And I don’t think I responded because that was just a weird answer but it was really funny. It ended up being Reagan Parson’s. The next semester, we were both on the Tiger Serve Day leadership team and we ended up getting paired together and we didn’t talk about it the whole time. Then one of our friend’s brought it up and said, ‘Hey remember that one time he asked you if you wanted to ride the Gravy train?’ And I was, ‘Oh gosh why did I do this with my life.'”

Adam Graves, Junior

Texarkana, TX

Photo By: Marissa Pilcher

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