Humans of OBU: Alyssa Delker

“My freshman year, me and some of my Texas friends went to Whataburger to celebrate Texas Independence Day, I feel like that’s a pretty classic freshman thing to do. We got there, ate and it was great but then we were leaving and my roommate Bekah took one of those number tent things that they give you to tell you when your food is ready, which is also a really normal thing to do. So we’re leaving, we get in the car (it’s like six of us) and then a security guard comes up to our door and says, ‘You can either put that back or put these on.’ And pulls out a pair of pink handcuffs. She is dead serious. So we were all like, ‘Uhhhh.’ And Bekah awkwardly goes inside and returns the tent. We’re all sitting there getting really harshly lectured by this security guard. I think that everyone in the car is thinking this is hilarious because I’m about to start dying laughing. I look over to my right and Logan has tears in her eyes cause she thinks that were about to get arrested. So I just lose it and busted out laughing and everyone in the car was like, ‘Alyssa what are you doing?’ The security guard looks right at me and goes, ‘What are you laughing at, guinea pig?’ And that’s it, she called me a guinea pig.”

Alyssa Delker, Junior

Mansfield, TX

Photo By: Marissa Pilcher

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