Humans of OBU: Ancil Lea IV

“I’ve always been able to a toe touch. I think that people think that it’s really cool. So during TWIRP week, everyone’s dancing and then everyone circles up and yells, ‘Ancil!’ So I would go in and do a toe touch and everyone cheers. I get this idea, ‘If I can do a toe touch I should be able to do the splits- those go hand in hand.’ I do the splits the first night and everyone is cheering and I think, ‘Oh this is great!’ Then the second night, I hadn’t been dancing at all and I just went for it and did the splits. After I couldn’t run for like four weeks. I pulled a lot of muscles in my legs. But I can still do the splits.”

Ancil Lea IV, Sophomore

Conway, AR

Photo By: Marissa Pilcher

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