Humans of OBU: Davis Wadley

“One day I was on Youtube and all of a sudden this video popped up of an orphanage in South Africa. I saw all these kids that were so happy there and you could just see the hope that they had at this place. The video was really life-giving, it was showing the hope that they now had at this orphanage. I found this orphanage’s website and learned about their story and was just really intrigued. It was two brothers who just quit everything and moved to South Africa to start helping. It was like, ‘Holy crap, this is legit.’ Through friends and teachers, we concocted this idea of our high school raising money for them. That was really the moment that God really showed me what life with Him is like if we allow Him to use us, crazy things can happen and you can find purpose. Then we ended up raising money as a class and donated to this orphanage in South Africa. That was what really shaped my mind on a passion to help people. And, really, this was all the product of God’s hand and provision in my life.”

Davis Wadley, sophomore

Bates-vegas, AR

Photo By: Marissa Pilcher

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