Humans of OBU: Hannah Bunch

“Not a lot of people realize I struggle with anxiety. Typically everyone thinks that I have it all together or that I’m so energetic, they just don’t see that sometimes on the inside I’m freaking out. I realize everyone else is too and so I try to put on a good face for everyone else because I know I’m not the only one. Over the summer the Lord was just working with me on giving my trust to Him and my worries and anxiety and I feel like He was just giving me victory over those this summer. I came into this semester really hopeful and confident. In September I got a concussion. Concussions really mess with you emotionally and it just really threw me off. I felt like I was doing so good with time, waking up and spending time with the Lord and all of a sudden I didn’t have any energy and was really apathetic about everything. I have just really struggled with coming in so hopeful. The Lord has just shown me that I really can’t depend on my own strength and self-dependency. I can be so independent and He’s just really showing me I can only do so much without Him. One way He has really grown me this semester is just letting my friends be there for me. It’s really hard because I know they’re really busy too. I’ve had such good friends just love on me and take care of me.  I’ve just felt like I wasn’t being a good friend to them because emotionally I just felt empty. The Lord has just really worked in me this semester.”

Hannah Bunch, Junior

Paragould, AR

Photo By: Marissa Pilcher

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