Humans of OBU: Nathaniel Schrader

“My family and I were at the St. Louis Zoo and they had just opened up the sea lion exhibit. We were watching the sea lions and a guy in the crowd asked, ‘What kind of major in college do you have to have to train sea lions?’ The sea lion trainer said, ‘Well I had a psychology degree.’ I ended up talking to him after the sow and he said he didn’t have to get his masters. So that’s part of why I want to work with sea lions. Also, sea lions are extremely stubborn. They’re very adorable of course but very stubborn animals. But when you put them in a setting of being trained, they become these really awesome talented creatures. Sometimes it just takes that nudge from a trainer. I know this is gonna sound kind of cheesy but I related it to our Christian walk with God. We are extremely stubborn creatures and different negative things but with God we can become these beautiful creature. (Side note: I don’t want to work for Sea World, it’s not a very happy place).”

Nathaniel Schrader, Senior

Milan, Michigan


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