2017 Coverage

The Tiger Tunes 2017 Tunescast is TODAY. Follow The Signal’s coverage of everything Tunes to prepare for one of Ouachita’s greatest traditions. The Tunescast will start at approximately 8:25 p.m.

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Which host or hostess are you? 

The 2017 hosts and hostesses perform at the 39th annual Tiger Tunes.
Photo courtesy of Wesley Kluck

Tiger Tunes Results

Campus Ministries wins overall entertainment award Thursday, October 6 2017.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Wesley Kluck

From skeletons to girl scouts: Evolution of a winning Tunes show

Tiger Tunes hosts and hostesses perform in JPAC, showing how the show has changed over the last 39 years.
Photo by Andy Henderson

‘Students helping students’: Tiger Tunes is more than entertainment

The Men of Beta Beta sing their closing song as pirates in Tiger Tunes 2017.
Photo by Andy Henderson

How to Host Tiger Tunes Watch Party

Ouachita is flying into Tunes season. Are you ready?
Photo courtesy of Dr. Kluck

39 years and counting; History of Tiger Tunes unveiled

Students across campus are set to take stage for Tiger Tunes 2017.
Photo by Andy Henderson

Hosts commit to countless hours, enjoy experience

Practicing before school even started, the 2017 hosts and hostesses have prepared countless hours for Tiger Tunes.

Behind the lights: students, staff work hard to create Tunes

The audience is transformed to the moon through the lighting and background created by those behind the scenes.
Photo by Andy Henderson

10 tips for surviving Tunes

Campus Ministries Stars shine proudly while performing their final number in Tiger Tunes.
Photo by Andy Henderson

 Clubs unveil 2017 Tiger Tunes themes

2017 Tiger Tunes hosts and hostesses sing in their first public performance before the Tiger Tunes reveal.
Photo by Kenzie Osborn