Dr. Scott Duvall

By Jael Winterholter

Over the past 32 years, Dr. Scott Duvall has profoundly shaped the Pruet School of Christian Studies. Throughout his career, he has served Pruet as a biblical studies professor, founding dean, and department chair of Biblical Studies and Theology. While his titles have changed, his passions for teaching God’s Word and caring for students remain the same.

Duvall’s prolific writing ministry has reached students, pastors, and professors worldwide.

His textbook for interpreting and applying Scripture, titled Grasping God’s Word and co-authored by Danny Hays, has been translated into multiple languages and received multiple awards. However, Duvall is not merely acclaimed in the realm of biblical scholarship, but also within the Ouachita community. A repeat recipient of the “Most Inspirational Professor of the Year Award,” he has impacted thousands of students through his effective teaching ministry and his kind demeanor.

Perhaps Duvall’s ability to speak into students’ lives flows from his own experience as a Ouachita student. In 1980, Duvall graduated with a degree in Business and Economics and began studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. While pursuing his Master of Divinity, he discerned a call to teaching God’s Word. Just before entering this dissertation phase of his PhD program, Duvall received a call from Ouachita, asking him to return and teach biblical studies.

His teaching career began in 1989, and shortly after, he became Pruet’s founding dean. In 2007, Duvall handed over the reins to his colleague, Dr. Danny Hays. This allowed Duvall to focus more on his primary passions: teaching Scripture and spending time with students.

“On a daily basis, I get to have some of the coolest relationships in the world with students. That’s why I do this,” Duvall shared.

Duvall also played a key role in hiring many faculty members who have served Pruet for the long haul. Their commitment to the school has cultivated a special “camaraderie among the faculty,” which Duvall greatly appreciates.

“These are some of my best friends, and what a blessing to be able to work with some of your best friends for thirty years,” he says.

However, Duvall’s best friend is his wife, Judy Duvall. Judy has worked at Ouachita’s Elrod Center since 1999 where she currently serves as the director. The Duvalls find great joy in knowing that the Lord has knit their Ouachita ministry together.

“We feel like this is a team effort,” Duvall notes. “We’ve been really involved in the lives of students. I can easily get emotional thinking about how good God’s been.”

After giving over 30 years of his life to Pruet’s ministry, Duvall cares deeply for its continued success in equipping students to serve the church. He acknowledges the challenge of hiring the next generation of faculty, but also considers the recent addition of Dr. Jeremy Greer as “the first domino in place.”

“Because the world is changing so fast, it will be cool to see how the next generation connects with students in new and creative ways,” Duvall concludes. He is proud of Pruet’s mission to prepare students for kingdom service, and he remains confident that Pruet will continue fulfilling this goal for years to come.

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