Dr. William Viser

By Katelyn Harris

Dr. William C. Viser started his time with the school of Christian Studies in 1966, as a student. He graduated in 1970, continued his education in seminary, then served on the mission field for 10 years in Brazil. Ouachita contacted him and asked to return to teach in 1988. He prayed over this offer with his wife, and they decided to make the move. He began teaching Christian Counseling and Bible Survey.

Since the start of his career, the school has broadened its horizons. Viser has enjoyed seeing the school grow with new specializations.

In the last 34 years, he has had “many opportunities that he never dreamed of having.” He published two books: It’s Okay To Be an MK and The Darkness Among Us. This led to adventures all over the world. Dr. Viser was asked by IMB to lead workshops in several countries and present his papers. One of his favorite trips was to Taiwan, where he got to meet the premier and star on national television. Dr. Viser loves to share about his many stories, but states, “Nothing compares to the students I have met and interacted with over the years. I find no greater joy in my career than being able to teach, mentor, and get to know them through my time at OBU.”

“It has been a pleasure to join the accessible, hands-on faculty working to prepare students for their calling. I hope to offer a shmorgishborg, if you will, to my students through my years of experience, opportunities, and connections. I shine light on unique opportunities by bringing vision, perspective, and opening them up to new horizons. There is a place for every person in different careers and different missions. They sometimes just need help seeing it. We faithfully walk with them through their years at OBU, working to equip each to minister and to counsel in whatever setting they find themselves in after leaving our campus,” Viser said.

Dr. Viser soaks up every moment as he continues his role at Ouachita, and shares with a thankful heart about the memories he has gotten to make here. He is excited to see the Lord work through the school, and watch the work of the Kingdom of God be carried out by those who have walked through the doors of the Pruet School of Christian Studies.

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