Junior Zach Weeks holds the ball in a 2023 inner tube water polo match. (photo by Joshua Rhine)

Intramural inner tube water polo makes its favored return

March 6, 2024

By Jordan Dallimore, Staff Writer

As the temperature begins to warm up, Ouachita students gear up their competitiveness by diving into the beloved spring intramural sport: innertube water polo. 

Innertube water polo combines traditional water polo with a twist of bright-colored innertubes. With six players from each team going head-to-head, one thing you must remember is to stay in your tube. The pure enjoyment of playing and watching the sport is a sight to see. It definitely brings about smiles and laughter while watching college students fiercly paddle across the pool and simultaneously trying to stay on top of their innertube to score for their team. 

The fun of this sport goes beyond the comical aspect. The camaraderie and bond that is shown while players paddle their way across the pool, with water splashing everywhere are why many love to play. Whether you’re coaching your team, cheering on your friends or even engaging in a little banter against your opponents, everyone there is united by the desire to have fun. Junior Cody Pallen found the sport interesting.

“Water polo is a unique intramural sport offered here at Ouachita that brings a new perspective on sports,” Pallen said. “Sitting in a tube and trying to score as fast as you can is such an interesting concept that I have found being involved in brings friendships to be a lot closer.”

The point of intramurals allows for a game of friendly competition. Even though the main goal is a win, many people have never played water polo before coming to Ouachita. 

With the cold weather becoming just a memory of the past, jumping into an innertube for an hour gives a much-needed escape where many can forget about deadlines and exams and focus on having a good time. Junior Hallie Vaught used water polo as a new form of a study break.

“I played innertube water polo for the first-time last year, and it was my favorite intramural sport to play,” Vaught said. “I may not have been the best, but it allowed me to take a break from my hectic schedule.” 

Sophomore Aidan Perry recommends the sport because it is anyone’s game.

“Intramural water polo is one of the coolest intramurals that Ouachita has to offer. It’s super easy to pick up and everybody playing is on the same skill-level, so anybody can win!” 

So grab your friends and dive into the fun of innertube water polo at the pool in SPEC. You’ll have a splashing good time that you won’t regret!

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