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December 14, 2022

By Valeria Gomez, Online Editor-in-Chief

December 14, 2022

Last minute Christmas shopping? Don’t worry. The Signal staff has curated a gift guide for all of you who may not know what to get for your roommate, sister, brother or pretty much anyone. 

For the practical friend: 

Our online editor-in-chief, Valeria Gomez, would love to receive gift cards, especially to her favorite store, Outdoor Voices. 

For the friend that is always cold: 

Our print editor-in-chief, Julia Shands, asked for a Barefoot Dreams blanket, it will come in handy for this winter weather. 

For the tech- savvy friend: 

Staff writer, Matthew Cheatham thinks a Slim Tile Finder would be a great gift idea to keep things organized.

For the trendy friend: 

Arts and entertainment editor, Jane Ellen Dial, would love to receive a Stanley Cup for Christmas. Keep your friends hydrated!

For the cozy friend: 

Emilee Webb, news editor and staff writer, thinks a pair of slippers (not to get specific but she loves the Ugg slippers) would be a perfect gift for the holidays. 

For the friend who is always on the go: 

Madison Basco, staff writer, would love a pair of AirPod pros for Christmas. Every college 

student needs a pair!

For the homey friend: 

Staff writer, Mariah Halbert, wants something cute and practical, and a new duvet cover will be the perfect gift. 

For the friend who loves to be comfortable: 

Staff writers Rachel Dunnam, Katie Bayer, Addie Chumley and Austynn Crocker all asked for shoes for Christmas. Ugg boots, white Converse, Gola tennis shoes, and Nike Blazers are on their list.

For the outdoorsy friend: 

Sydni Whitfield, staff writer, loves to go on hikes and camp so, she asked for a hammock for Christmas. 

For the career-oriented friend: 

Camryn Manning, staff writer, asked for “Little People” toys to help with speech therapy sessions. We love to see friends prepare for their future careers.

For the fangirl:

Jacie Sellars, staff writer, thinks a custom-made sweatshirt of her favorite artist or band would be a thoughtful gift. 

For the friend with acquired taste: 

Chau Tran, online graphic designer, asked for a perfume. Nothing better than getting compliments on how you smell!

For the stylish friend: 

Sydney Motl, copyeditor, asked for a leather jacket. The perfect way to stay warm and stylish all winter long!

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