Student Perspectives

Hannah Tullos

Sophomore, Christian Studies, Paris TX.

“I have had an amazing experience with the School of Christian Studies. So, I started out with a Secondary Education and English Double Major, and I actually ended up switching to Christian Studies. Part of the reason being I just felt so at home with the professors, and I learned so much. They are so knowledgeable, and they do not speak down to you. They have a genuine love for what they are teaching and a genuine care for their students. It’s also not just an intellectual endeavor, it’s very spiritual based. It’s not just learning information; it’s also growing in your relationship with the Lord.”

Noah McCallum

Senior, Christian Studies, Jonesboro.

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience in the school of Christian Studies. I actually came in as a business major and felt called to ministry in February of my freshman year. I decided to do Christian Studies because I know the professors here are amazing and very intelligent. I knew I would get a really good education about scripture and about ministry so I decided to do that. It’s definitely measured up beyond any expectations I had. I’ve learned a lot about scripture and about how to apply it to our lives. Every professor I’ve had has been super encouraging and it’s evident that they care a lot about us as students. They don’t want to just teach us the material but also want to help us in our lives. That has been overwhelmingly true within the Pruet School. My experience here has been really good and challenged me a lot to grow and they’ve been very encouraging in that.”

Paige Fett

Senior, Christian Studies, Fayetteville

“When I first came to Ouachita to pursue a degree in Christian Studies, I knew I would be taught and prepared for a life in ministry, but I did not know to what extent. I did not realize the depth of not only intellectual knowledge, but also lived experience and wisdom my professors would offer me throughout my four years at Ouachita. I have learned a lot about the Bible, theology, the Church and its history, and beyond, but I have mainly realized how little I know in comparison to all that there is to know. Ouachita has prepared me to be a lifelong learner, even after I get my diploma. The knowledge I have acquired has and will continue to serve me by giving me the confidence to know that what I teach is accurate and biblical and giving me a strong theological framework from which to live and minister out of. Yet the growth and character formation that has taken place is even more valuable to me. I have been personally challenged to grow in my own discipleship to Jesus Christ and presented with opportunities to serve the local church, to live and work on the overseas mission field and to lead and minister in organizations on Ouachita’s campus all during my time studying in the Pruet school. These four years of solid education and training through experience have prepared me for the practical day-to-day life of ministering to people. I will always be grateful for the provision of God in my life and ministry through Ouachita’s School of Christian Studies.”

Wade Wilson

Junior, Christian Studies, Springdale

“When I was in high school, I had a moment in my life where I realized that God wanted me to be a pastor, and that’s what he had been preparing me to do. In picking colleges, that’s what I wanted to prepare to do: be the best pastor that I could be. I think Ouachita was that answer to prayer. I think Christians need to be firm on truth. Have a firm stance, know what the Bible says, know what God’s will is for us. Being a Christian studies major with all the teachers and classes that I’ve had, all of it is geared towards truth. The fact that we study and know God’s Word and what is says and why it says it, I really appreciate that a lot. I feel like I’m being very prepared to teach my congregation the truth and to be firm in it. Ouachita Christian studies has greatly prepared me for seminary.”