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2024 introduces a fresh perspective on new music

March 6, 2024

By Ella Onuoha, Staff Writer

TikTok has spurred numerous music trends in recent years, propelling songs from various artists, both established and emerging, into the spotlight through dance trends, transitions and other viral content. 

This year is proving to be no exception, with songs from diverse genres gaining traction. A glance at this past week’s top 10 songs on the Billboard charts underscores this phenomenon. 

The top spot is claimed by “Texas Hold’em” by Beyoncé, a regular chart-topper known as Queen B. 

In between, other catchy tunes from artists like SZA, Taylor Swift and others span across R&B, pop and other popular genres. 

Beyoncé’s “Texas Hold’em” made waves upon its surprise release, a tactic often employed by the artist, during the Super Bowl on Feb. 11, 2024. Described as an uptempo country-pop, western and soul fusion, the song has sparked debate over its classification within the country genre. Despite criticisms, Beyoncé, a Texas native, is no stranger to the country scene, having performed such songs in the past. 

Another noteworthy track of the year is “Powerful Women” by Dolly Parton and Pitbull, which carries a poignant message honoring hard working women. Released as a tribute to Parton’s iconic hit “9 to 5,” the song celebrates the often unacknowledged efforts of women, particularly timely during Women’s History Month. 

In 2023, collaborations between unlikely artists also emerged, including Ed Sheeran with Nigerian artist Burna Boy and Latto with Davido. Additionally, Selena Gomez teamed up with Rema, another Nigerian artist, while BTS member Jungkook collaborated with Jack Harlow and Latto. Jungkook’s recent collaboration with Usher was particularly noteworthy. 

A LinkedIn article titled “2024 Music Industry Trends to Watch Out For” highlighted the evolution of albums into interactive experiences, incorporating visual elements, narratives and games. It’s evident that music is not only blending these elements but also cultures, marking an exciting evolution in the industry. 

Thus far, 2024 has introduced a fresh perspective to the music industry, signaling an intriguing journey ahead and offering an enjoyable experience for both listeners and observers alike.

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