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A guide to fall fashion essentials

October 12, 2023

By Jane Ellen Dial, Arts/Entertainment Editor

October 12, 2023

The air is getting colder, and the sweaters are coming out. Fall is here, and with that not only comes pumpkins, leaves and apple cider but also fall fashion. Fall and the fashion that tags along are two of my favorite things. My personal style is classic and timeless, especially in the fall. It’s the time when I transition from the whites and blues of summer to the blacks and browns of fall. It is the time to bring out the dark wash jeans, boots, sweaters and essential fall accessories. 

With a new season approaching, change comes. This guide to fall essentials is intended to aid you as you sort through your closet this season.

Women’s Essentials

While everyone may not have the same style, there are five key pieces for women that are versatile and can be bought from the store that emulates you best. The first essential that I think every lady should have in their fall wardrobe is a faithful pair of dark denim. This can be in any style you like, but a dark wash is perfect for the fall and will go with all of your other pieces. 

A second piece to keep in your closet is a sweater to keep you cozy. This season, we are seeing the return of the cardigan and sweater blazer. Some of my favorites come from the stores J. Crew or Tuckernuck, but you can find a faithful cardigan or sweater blazer from nearly anywhere. Thankfully, those sweaters pair well with pumpkin spice lattes.

Now that we have our denim and sweater, we need a basic top. This season, denim is all the rage. One option is to pair a denim top with your dark wash jeans for a Canadian tuxedo look. Blue became a staple to summer wardrobes, and denim is a compromise between clinging to the summer blue and transitioning to fall. With denim, we have three basic and versatile pieces. 

We can now add in the fun with accessories. Personally, I like to invest more in fewer high quality versatile accessories, like plain gold-colored jewelry, because you can wear them with any outfit. In terms of shoes, sneakers, loafers, ballet flats or boots are all on par with the standard of fall fashion.

To complete the look, let’s throw on a bag. If you know me, you know I am a bag lady. I suggest getting a black or navy shoulder back for an extra chic look that you can transfer from outfit to outfit. However, if you need something a bit bigger, you can never go wrong with a tote. Black or brown would be perfect for autumn. If you are feeling extra fancy, a boat and tote bag will level up your outfit. 

Men’s Essentials

For men, I think it is also a good idea to invest in a pair of jeans. You can dress them up or down, and they are very versatile for any event that you may have this season, whether that’s going to a football game or going out to dinner with your girlfriend. 

Another fall essential for the guys would be a button-up shirt. Again, this can be very versatile and is a layering piece for those chillier days. 

Speaking of chillier days, you never know when you need a jacket, and it is vital to have one in your closet that you can go back to year after year. I would suggest a high quality barn jacket that will last for years to come. 

For shoes, I would suggest a classic pair of sneakers that match your style. If sneakers aren’t really your thing, you can never go wrong with a good boat shoe, loafer or boot. 

Of all of the recommendations listed, the most important tip is to not forget to hone in on your personal style and what you like. Remember: what you wear reflects who you are. I hope you wear some of these pieces to a pumpkin patch, a Tiger football game, a fall get-together or to go get your favorite fall drink from Starbucks.

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