Everyone is in a Relationship But Me. How Do I Navigate This Season?

December 8, 2022

By Mariah Halbert, Staff Writer

November 21, 2022

Single on a “ring by spring” kind of campus? It’s not just you. There are many experiencing the feeling of loneliness on a campus with what seems to be filled with only couples. Do not fret! Yes, there are lonely sides, but this specific season in life has its own prevailing moments of hope. In a time where the only thing that may be keeping you company is your stuffed animals, there are opportunities to search for new company.

This is the time to try new things. Find a new passion. Maybe nature is a kind of comfort that brings a new form of peace that a person or stuffed animal can’t provide. Maybe taking on the challenge of a new instrument is a refreshing reminder that you don’t need the trial of a relationship to get the satisfaction of getting over a milestone. Maybe it is time for more fulfillment in friendships instead of the constant search for a relationship.

All I’m saying is that there are better things to do than to grovel over the fact that you are not in a relationship. Think of it as an opportunity to discover the benefits of not worrying about another person’s feelings. We already have so much anxiety worrying about our own emotions and how we express them. There is a time and place for every event; this season of singleness has purpose. Allow the time for its purpose to prevail.

The reality of being “ready” in a culture that seems to be pressuring you into a relationship and yet no one has met the part is what no one wants to accept; you will never be ready. Having the outside point of view of relationships can be misleading because we want to believe that it’s all rainbows and sunshine, but those couples are fighting challenges together each day. Are you actually ready to put aside how you process, and develop a completely new way of taking on different challenges with a new character in your story?

Cherish the development you’re going through. Don’t stress about everyone else being in a relationship. Your reality will change when the time comes. So, in an environment where everyone else is in a relationship but you, soak up this singleness. After all, you never know if this season in life is preparing you for the next challenge or your next relationship.

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