Fashion tip: trends tend to repeat

You know what they say, history has a way of repeating itself. In the fashion world this is definitely the case. We look at our parents and grandparents pictures and make fun of their style, but the truth is we are probably wearing the same style, but a slightly toned down version compared to theirs. The 60’s through early 2000’s are back in the fashion world people and I could not be more excited!

The 60’s? I know, we have all seen Hairspray and we dress nothing like them! But, this is the age of mini skirts, prints (polka dots, stripes, hearts, stars etc.) and the glammed-up polished look that keeps hitting the red carpet. The classy over the knee length full skirt, you all know what I’m talking about! We can all thank the 60’s for our love of polka dots and stripes.

The hippie phase this began in the late 60’s but continued on in the 70’s. This time period began the flower crown, statement jewelry, maxi dresses and skirts, ruffles, fringe, lace-up sandals, and my personal favorite bell-bottoms phase. I can honestly say I own clothing from each. I don’t think statement jewelry ever left after the 70’s, although it toned down a little bit. Statement earrings were huge last summer with tassels, pom-poms and hoops. Along with the over the top earrings, bell-bottoms are making a huge comeback in 2018 along with ruffles and fringe.

Another trend we can thank the late 70s for is platform shoes. They are about to be the rage of summer 2018. I work at a boutique and while looking for shoes for the store all you see from shoe companies is platform sneakers, platform sandals, platform heels, platform everything! If this isn’t a trend you like you better jump on board quick because it is coming.

Next, we have the 80s, probably the most made fun of fashion decade, yet we have taken a lot of the things we wear today from that time period. Yes, there was the big hair, blue eye shadow, neon colors and a lot of other gaudy things, but there was also cheetah print, faux fur coats, oversized sweaters, ripped jeans, block heels, customized denim jackets, converse, mirrored sunglasses, white shoes, pegged jeans (boyfriend jeans) and graphic tees. Right now I am literally wearing ripped jeans and a denim jacket. Everything else mentioned is sitting in my closet. Y’all. We have got to quit hating on the 80’s and show these people some appreciation.

Along with the 80’s one of my favorite fashion periods is the 90’s through early 2000’s. This is probably my favorite fashion period and I hope this comeback is here to stay. You might think I’m crazy for saying that but this is the golden age guys. This was the period of denim everything, leather, mom jeans, high waist everything, overalls, cut offs, flannels, combat boots, chokers, hoops, crop tops, matching sets, denim skirts, sneakers and little backpacks.

For anyone who knows me, you know high waist everything and hoop everyday is my life. Along with leather jackets, denim skirts, my Adidas and my little backpacks in multiple colors to hopefully match any outfit. Fashion is one of my absolute favorite things. I think that it shows who you are as an individual and expresses your personality. Fashion is my form of art and I love watching history repeat itself. I remember being 10 years old laughing at my mom’s clothes and now I’m begging her to pull them back out so I can wear them.

One thing I’ve learned through my love of fashion is you can wear anything and rock it as long as you are confident in it. Each trend was started by someone and someone had to bring each trend back. Always be yourself. You do you ALWAYS! And remember, never throw away your clothes because history always repeats itself.

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By Tiffany Lee, staff writer

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