Pint-sized podcaster Katie Crouse brings new perspective

March 12, 2018

Kind, bubbly, outgoing and charismatic. These four words describe sophomore transfer, Katie Crouse.

Crouse grew up in Allen, Texas where she spent her time in school, playing soccer and watching basketball with her dad.

Crouse is a communications sports media major with a long-term goal of becoming a sports analyst or sideline reporter for the NBA, specifically for the Golden State Warriors.

Soccer is what brought Crouse to Ouachita. During her junior year of high school, Crouse was recruited by coach, Kevin Wright. Ultimately, she decided to go a different route. She attended Newman University, a small Catholic university in Wichita, Kansas.

After 2 seasons at Newman, she decided to make the move to Ouachita. Coach Wright always told her that if things did not work out at Newman, that she could give him a call. She made the call last semester, and Ouachita is lucky to have her now.

As a communications major, Crouse was required to choose a practicum to cultivate skills in her field. When the opportunity to start a podcast for Ouachita was presented by Dr. Deborah Root, Crouse jumped in head first.

Crouse did not know anything about how podcasting works, but loved the idea of talking to the student body and keeping them informed.

“I like talking, and I felt like a podcast was more suited for me than any other practicum.”

Crouse chose to use the Online Signal as her platform so that she would have an audience of people seeking desirable information about Ouachita.

Crouse likes that this podcast will get her voice out there since she is so new to Ouachita.

She does not currently have a favorite podcast, but is looking forward to see how the podcasting world continues to grow.

“I am excited to talk to people who want to listen to what I have to say.”

Although her academic interests are concentrated in sports, Crouse wants her podcast to be relatable and relational. She plans on including current events, sports recaps/predictions, spotlights, features and on-air interviews.

Podcasting is a completely new medium for Crouse. At the moment, she is a blogger with blogs that range from beauty to self-love to sports. Ouachita will join her as she makes the move to podcasting through the Online Signal.

Crouse’s blog, linked below, is updated every Sunday with new and fun things about her life. Her podcast will touch on these things but focus more on the life of Ouachita itself.

This pint-sized podcaster prides herself on the fact that she is 4’11” and a quarter! Her quirky and fun personality will shine through the speakers of current and prospective students as her podcast cultivates into a weekly norm for Ouachita students.

She begins production this week and cannot wait to be a voice for the student body.

The podcast will be available weekly on the Online Signal website.

Visit learn more about podcaster, Katie Crouse.

By Mercedes Mata, staff writer

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