Summer Camp Jobs: Pros and Cons

February 23, 2023

By Kyndall Fomby-Bell, Staff Writer

February 23, 2023

As summer 2023 comes rushing in, many students might wonder what jobs they can get for the upcoming summer. One job that students tend to overlook is working for a summer camp. There are a variety of summer camp focuses, including sports, arts, technology, faith and more. These camps are looking for the chance to hire new counselors every year. The main question asked by anyone considering working for a summer camp is why. Taking on the role of counselors comes with a responsibility that many people fear. Along with fulfillment that people also find joy in. 

Ellie Davis, a first-year student here at Ouachita, shares her fear and excitement about becoming a counselor for Pine Cove this summer.

“I am most nervous for the leadership position I will be taking on this summer,” Davis said. “Taking on the responsibility for so many kids is a serious role that makes me anxious.” 

This is a common fear faced by many people considering a job working at a summer camp. Not only will you oversee kids’ well-being, but you will also be inspiring and mentoring them in many ways. Even though this is a scary task, it comes with a most fulfilling reward.  

“My experience growing up in summer camps inspired me to become a counselor,” Davis said. “My faith was shaped by many of the counselors as they led me into a closer relationship with God.”

Despite nervousness about becoming a mentor for kids this summer, Davis is more excited than anything to take on the position that helped shape her spiritual growth. With the opportunity to help young campers in the same way.  

Getting a job at a summer camp comes with opportunities and obstacles. From forming quick relationships and getting out of your comfort zone. To anxiety about fulfilling a big responsibility for young campers. Ouachita has a cultivating environment that develops students for taking on big roles like camp counseling.  The development of leadership, problem-solving, and community in the classroom enables  many students here at Ouachita to be great candidates for all job opportunities in the summer. 

Whether you want to break out of your shell next summer and try camp counseling or get involved with more comforting job opportunities, find something that brings you joy. Who knows just how much you could help others along the way?

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