The Great Debate: Coke or Pepsi?

September 15, 2022

By Sydni Whitfield, Staff Writer

September 15, 2022

As someone who does not usually drink soda, I did not even notice at first that the cafeteria no longer provides Coke. After hearing many disgruntled friends complain over lunch, however, it was hard not to acknowledge. For the past few years, I have worked at a restaurant that serves only Pepsi products. This is when I first developed my opinions on the matter. Customers would request a Coke and when they heard we only provided Pepsi products, they would shake their heads in disgust and ask for water instead. Not once, in my time working there, has anyone grown excited about the idea of receiving a Pepsi. It seems to be that this is a universal opinion, especially at Ouachita. 

“I have met very few people who welcomed the change from Coke to Pepsi products,” Sophomore Community and Family Services major, Rachel Dunnam said. As a lover of Diet Coke, Dunnam now has to find another way to enjoy her favorite drink. “I already would buy Diet Coke to keep in my room, but now I have to rely on that and Sonic for my sole supply. I just think it was a bad idea. At least we still have Dr. Pepper,” Dunnam said. 

Katherine Reeves, a Sophomore Communication Sciences and Disorders major, is disappointed in the change. “Pepsi seems cheap. Coke has been around so much longer. It’s a huge deal specifically in the south. In my eyes, Coke has become a term for all types of soda. Coke is our nation’s soda,” Reeves said. 

Now Reeves relies on water or Diet Pepsi when in the cafeteria. “I mostly just drink water because Diet Pepsi just makes me miss what once was,” Reeves said. 

Mavric Herrera, a Junior Worship Studies major, was wearing a “Coke is it!” t-shirt when he expressed his disappointment about the change in beverages.

 “Pepsi tastes completely different! Coke is the original and Pepsi is just the off brand. Coke has this nostalgic taste to it that Pepsi just cannot match,” Herrera said. 

Herrera describes Pepsi products as the “Where’s my hug?” guy. “Pepsi is the guy that shows up and tries way too hard, and Coke is that very confident individual because his identity is in Christ.”

Now, when in the cafeteria browsing the beverage options, Dr. Pepper or some type of juice serves as his substitute for Coke. He makes do with this now, but he still holds hope that one day Coke will return to the Ouachita campus.

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