‘This Is Us’ faces real family issues head-on

Being a TV fanatic, I thought I was fulfilled with all the different television and Netflix shows that I watched. I didn’t think I was missing out on anything. However, this year, I was introduced to a show that completely changed the way I watched television.

I had never thought that an hour-long episode of a series could impact me the way this show has, and now that the first season is over, everyone should know about this fantastically perfect show, “This Is Us.”

“This Is Us” is centered around a family of three children, Kate, Kevin and Randall, and their parents, Jack and Rebecca. Even though the children are raised as triplets, only two of them are biological. Randall was adopted the day of the others’ birth after the loss of the third biological triplet. The show documents this family’s life as they grow up, transitioning back and forth between today’s world, where the children are grown up, and back to the 70s and 80s, when they were growing up.

Although there are many factors that culminate together to make this show impeccable, my favorite element is the acting.

“This Is Us” has incredible actors who evoke intense emotions, from laughter to an excess amount of tears. My favorite of these actors is Mandy Moore, who plays the mom, Rebecca. She is put through many trials throughout the show, such as having to pick between advancing her career or raising her children. Moore expertly shows the chaos that creates the world of a mother and brings the reality of a working mom to the small screen.

Another one of my favorite actors is Milo Ventimiglia, who plays the dad, Jack. He displays how trying to provide for a wife and three kids is a very difficult task. He is serious at times, yet also extremely funny.

The most important element in this TV show is the script and the behind-the-scenes work of the writers. They have made a show that truly can relate to anyone and handles important and controversial subjects with ease and grace.

“This Is Us” has the ability to impact anyone who watches. It is an example of what television should be like. Shows should be able to capture our emotions and have us on the edge of our seat. They should be able to discuss real-world issues such as obesity, homosexuality, racial discrimination and, ultimately, the death of a loved one. “This Is Us” does all of these things and more. Although it might sound cliché, this is a show that can truly transform you.

If you’re like me, “This Is Us” will remind you of your own quirky family and the problems that your family faces daily. If you are looking for a show that doesn’t shake you to the core, then “This Is Us” is not for you. It is too important not to spend every second watching it with your eyes glued to the screen. This is a show worth watching and re-watching again. All in all, “This Is Us” is worth every second of your time, and once you finish the season, you will have thought that your time watching it was too short.

by Ethan Dial, Staff writer

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