How to host a Tiger Tunes watch party

October 5, 2019

The Tiger Tunes 2019 season is almost over. If you live far away or were unsuccessful at getting tickets that can only mean one thing, a Tiger Tunes watch party! If you are the “Monica Geller” of your friends group, then you have to host a big party to stream Tiger Tunes. There are many things that you will need to know if you are hosting a watch party.

  1. You need a way to stream the show. You cannot have a party and expect everybody to gather around your iPhone to watch the show. If you have access to a projector, that is a great way to stream the show. However, you can also connect your laptop to your television using a HDMI cord.
  2. Make sure you have a good internet connection. A streaming party will not be any fun if you watch little pixels dancing around the screen. You want to be able to see the costumes, the dance moves, and the beautiful faces that will be on stage.
  3. You need to have a theme to the food that you are serving. If you want to go Ouachita themed then here are a few simple ideas to have a creative party. Cheeto Puffs can easily be labeled as tiger tails, Orange Crush soda is tiger juice, and you can draw little tiger faces on cuties. However if you are wanting to theme after a certain group performing that would be easy as well! If you are rooting for the EEE All-Stars bring out the krackerjacks, chili dogs, and hamburgers. For the Campus Ministry Time Travelers order some Pizza Hut, drink some Pepsi, and grab 88 cupcakes. If you want to support the Kappa Chi Leprechauns go out and buy a few boxes of lucky charms. To represent Tri Chi Diner make some delicious pies for everyone to enjoy. To support the Chi Delta Fairy Godmothers, get some pretzel sticks and dip them in chocolate to turn them into magic wands. For Student Life Mad Scientist get some green Gatorade for “Potion Punch” and add some dry ice for a cool effect. If you are feeling creative along with the Chi Mu Artists then get some cupcakes with different colors of icing and spread them around to look like a paint pallet. If you decide to cheer for the Eta Alpha Omega Mailmen, then get some Rice Krispy Treats to be packages that need to be delivered to your stomach. If wrestling is more your thing and you chose to theme your party after the Rho Sigma Wrestlers, then you have to have some Dwayne “The Rock Candy” Johnson for everyone to enjoy. Last, but not least, for Beta Beta, break out all of your old Top Gun merchandise and have some jet fuel (Coke-a-Cola or Dr. Pepper)
  4. Make some judging sheets and judge the shows yourself. Whether you are the kind judge or the Simon Cowell of judging, it is a fun part of the party. You and your fellow judges (guests) can all compare notes and decide a winner for the party.
  5. Before Tiger Tunes 2019 begins, take a stroll down memory lane and watch some of the old Tiger Tunes shows. Tell some fun stories if you participated in Tiger Tunes. Another fun activity would be to create your own Tiger Tunes routine. Pick a theme, find some songs, and try to rewrite the lyrics to match your theme. Talk about the costumes you would have and why your show would win.
  6. Ladies and gents this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You have got all of the food, done the fun party games, and now it is time for Tiger Tunes to begin. Gather around the television, crank the volume up, and get ready for a spectacular experience. Please post pictures of your Tunescast Watch Party and tag The Signal so we can party along with you!  You can find us on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat @obusignal, and Facebook as @OBU Signal.

By Wyatt Ashlock, staff writer

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