A lil’ bit about healthy habits

September 14, 2023

By Sydni Whitfield, Sound of the Signal Podcast Host and Staff Writer

September 6, 2023
On this week’s episode, Sydni and Mariah reflect over daily or weekly habits that they prioritize in their lives to feel fulfilled and happy. College can be one of the hardest seasons of life to prioritize healthy habits, but it is necessary for one’s overall happiness. Throughout this summer and this semester so far, Sydni and Mariah have been building many healthy habits.

Sydni and Mariah discuss different physical habits like nature walks or runs, going to the gym or even doing the dishes. They also talk about the mental habits like engaging with others, positive affirmations or just making sure a warm cup of coffee is made in the morning. Finally, they touch on the spiritual habits like attending church, reading the Bible and worshiping. Tune into The Sound of the Signal on either Spotify or Youtube to hear more about healthy habits. 

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