Arkadelphia Alliance Facilitates Economic Growth

March 10, 2013

Arkadelphia residents and students of Ouachita and Henderson alike all know that our quaint little town is known more for its small city charm, local businesses and community atmosphere than for its retail and larger than life entertainment aspects.

Our town is flourishing on the up rise and this points largely due to a very dedicated group of people; an organization by the name of the Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance, or for short, the Arkadelphia Alliance.

The Arkadelphia Alliance’s main purpose is building up Arkadelphia and helping it grow economically. The organization was formed as a way to better the quality of life for the residents of Clark County, Arkansas. They oversee the Clark County Chamber of Commerce locations in Arkadelphia, Amity and Gurdon along with the Clark County Industrial Council.

The Alliance’s goal is to increase employment for residents, recruit new businesses for economic development and build good relations with businesses on the county, state and national level.

To ensure the success of such big endeavors, the Arkadelphia Alliance and Chamber of Commerce rely on the help of many individuals within Clark County. And for all of the hard work these people have put into our community, the Alliance hosted a thank you banquet in their honor on Tuesday.

“The banquet is to honor those in the past and present that have worked diligently for economic growth in Arkadelphia and Clark County,” said Shelley Loe, Executive Vice President of the Arkadelphia Alliance. “We will also have slide shows with photos of events throughout 2012 that the members enjoyed.”

Tori Abellera, junior mass communications major, was the Ouachita student ambassador for this event and introduced the keynote speaker, Ray Keller.

“The banquet was wonderful,” said Abellera on her experience as the Ouachita student ambassador, “It was great getting to learn about the businesses in Arkadelphia that have made a huge difference in the community. Arkadelphia is something to be proud of.”

There are many exciting things coming up with the Arkadelphia Alliance and Chamber of Commerce this year.

Some of these include a trip to Ireland for members to enjoy four star treatment but at a discounted price, hosted by the chamber, increased opportunities for student ambassadors to meet local businesses in their chosen field to gain insight and understanding into the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in the business world and more business.

After-hours events and educational luncheons will give members and ambassadors the opportunity to network with other professionals.

For more information on the Arkadelphia Alliance or the Arkansas Chamber of Commerce and future events, visit their website by going to, like their Facebook page, Arkadelphia Alliance and Area Chamber of Commerce, or contact the Arkadelphia Alliance through email at

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