Christians should depend on God, not self

February 17, 2022

By Emily Blair, Staff Writer

February 16, 2022

On the first night of Christian Focus Week, Ouachita alumnus Aaron Williams and The Worship Initiative led students in worship. It was a powerful night, full of praising the Lord with earnest voices and hearts.

I felt the Spirit moving in that place that night. Students had their hands lifted high around me, their eyes were closed and they were singing with all their hearts. Some were standing toward Christ, others were kneeling as though they were at the altar in prayer. The Holy Spirit was working in that place and as we were singing His praise, I was reminded of something.

I was reminded that we are never alone. This idea is simple, but it’s also easy to forget. When I wander through campus, walking from class to class and occasionally stopping by the student center, I find myself forgetting that I have someone who is always by my side.

I find it so easy to depend on myself to make every decision– to never ask for help and to do things my own way. But while listening to Aaron Williams and The Worship Initiative, their song “Abide” came on, and I felt the Lord talking to me. 

The lyrics of the song tell us to depend on God. We can depend on Him because He is always there. We all need that reminder sometimes.

We are all young adults here, learning to navigate our own lives. We make mistakes, we stumble and fall some days— but I think we still depend on ourselves far too much.

We are human, and there is only so much we can handle. God created us in the hopes that we will depend on Him with all of our burdens, like a child does with his or her father. He will never abandon us. He will never desert us. He is by our side in our highs and our lows. Depend on Him and know He is there.

We all tend to forget this and we burden ourselves with the notion that “Now we’re adults, see us bloom!” And we give ourselves no grace.  We should allow God to give us that grace we all need. He wants our burdens, He wants our cares and we can cast that upon Him.

Today’s world seems adamant that adults must be independent and not reliant on others, but the Gospel says otherwise. Let us all remember that God wants us to depend on Him, and that we are never alone. 

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