Summer camps welcome student staffers

By Emilee Webb, Staff Writer

February 16, 2022

Many Ouachita students spend their summers working at summer camps across the country. These camps focus on providing a Christ-like environment for students throughout the summer and even provide great opportunities for counselors to serve. A few of the camps that students choose to work at are Kanakuk, Brookhill, Camp War Eagle, Lifeway camps and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) camps. 

There are many reasons that OBU students choose to work at summer camps. Many counselors grew up going to the camps that they choose to work at and even if they did not, they know that working at a camp is a great way to grow their own relationship with the Lord and lead others to the Lord as well. 

Ouachita sophomore Erica Stilwell spent her summer at Camp War Eagle. She feels as though she was called to work at a camp this summer and only has great things to say about her summer job at camp. 

“Ever since early high school I have wanted to work with kids of all backgrounds at a camp that would be Gospel focused, but did not have peace about where or when to apply. Last spring semester, I felt a calling on my heart to start praying about if I should apply for camp and what type of camp I would want to be a part of,” Stilwell said. “A few weeks later, I saw a camp War Eagle poster five times in one day and prayed for more discernment. One of my good friends Madeline McKay told me later that week that she worked at War Eagle and she encouraged me to interview. My interviewer told me that War Eagle valued diversity in the kids they hosted and that their motto was ‘Love God, Love Kids’ which gave me the peace to choose War Eagle.”

Those interested can apply to work at camp War Eagle at

Emily Dodson, a junior at Ouachita, worked at Fuge camps, which is one of Lifeway’s camps this Summer. She is so thankful for her time at camp, and she remembers how much of an impact it made on her life. 

“I learned so much about the Lord, myself and true biblical community from my summer at camp, but the number one thing I took away from it was that the Lord truly is so much bigger than our fears,” Dodson said. “I went into the summer with a lot of different worries on my mind. I was scared I wouldn’t be the right person for the job, nervous that I would mess up, wouldn’t be good enough, or say something wrong, but the Lord met me in every single fear that I had and walked with me through this summer right by my side for every step.”

Lifeway camps are still hiring. To apply for Fuge, you can go to and fill out an application! 

There are many different jobs that students can find at summer camps. There is something for everyone, and all different talents can be used at camp. 

Bethany Laturno, a junior at Ouachita, spent her summer working at Kanakuk K7, which is a Kanakuk camp for kids aged 13-18. She remembers how many different jobs were offered at her camp. 

“There are so many ways to serve at camp,” Laturno said. “Ranging from the office, maintenance, being a counselor, working in the kitchen, being a kid-sitter or even taking pictures.”

OBU students can get involved with Kanakuk by applying at

It is easy for Ouachita students to find the right camp for them. Junior Henry Hunley loved his time at FCA camp and encourages others to look into it. 

“This camp would be a great fit for any Ouachita student looking to change lives while simultaneously having their life changed,” Hunley said. “If you’re looking to grow closer to the Lord and point teenagers to Christ through sports ministry, FCA camp can’t be topped.”

Ouachita students can contact Ouachita alumna, Haley Jo Wesson at (501) 802-1996 if interested in serving with FCA camps.

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