Easter fashion: Dress for His glory

April 1, 2018

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. This is for many reasons but the number one reason definitely being that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died for our sins and then showed just how mighty He is by raising back to life three days later.

Every Easter Sunday we get to celebrate Jesus surrounded by friends and family in the house of God.

Behind praising the Lord and being surrounded by loved ones, my favorite part of Easter Sunday is Easter fashion!

I remember from a young age going shopping with my mom to find the perfect Easter dress and making sure the whole family looked just right.

Easter Sunday is such a happy day. My favorite part is walking into the church doors yelling “He is risen, He is risen indeed” to a sea of bright colors, pastels and sweet families dressed in their Sunday best.

Easter fashion can be such a wide array of styles that still all connect in some sort of way.
For little girls and precious babies, you never fail to see the sweet little dresses that match the family to a tee.
For little boys and babies, you see anything from a suit, to a little jumpsuit or a little button up and pants.

When getting past the kid stage, there are a lot of different ways you can look your Easter Sunday best while still wearing something to fit your style.

For girls, there are so many things we could wear. Of course, we start with the classic Easter dress. When shopping for the perfect Easter dress the only qualifications are appropriate for church, and colorful, or a plain neutral dress maybe with a pop of color with your accessories. I have seen such a wide selection of Easter dresses over the last few years. There is a style for everyone.

Another option for girls now are jumpsuits. If you are not a big dress person, jumpsuits are your friend! I choose a jumpsuit over a dress any day because they are just more comfortable for me! With a jumpsuit, you still get the classy appeal of a dress but get the luxury of wearing a pant. You could do any solid color with a fun spring shoe, or even get a patterned jumper. (TJ Maxx has had a ton of Easter ready jumpsuits lately!)

Along with a dress and jumper, you can always do a nice blouse with a skirt or pant. Sometimes these combinations can end up looking just as nice or nicer than a dress or jumper. It’s all according to how you wear it and accessorize.

For the boys, we also have a wide array of options. We have the classic suit. You don’t see a suit on Easter as much as you used to but I think it’s a trend we need to bring back! A classic I have always loved is khaki pants with a nice button up, sports coat and tie or bow tie. I think this is such a classic look, perfect for Easter. A little pastel bow tie and you’re good to go!

Two other looks a guy can do is a nice pant and shoe with a button up or polo.  Although this can tend to look more casual, with the right shirt, tucked in with a belt and nice shoe it will fit the Easter caliber.

Fashion is not the reason for the season, but to me this is a special time and a special outfit. Don’t look at Easter Sunday as a fashion show, look at it as the opportunity to look your very best for Jesus. We are going into His house, presenting our best for Him.

Over the years, I have struggled with getting caught up into the fashion show side of Easter but am quickly reminded we don’t dress up for ourselves but for His glory. While wearing your Easter best on Sunday don’t forget why you are, because Jesus rose from the dead after dying for our sins. Because of that, we have the privilege of celebrating Him by putting our best foot forward.

By Tiffany Lee, staff writer

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