Top 10: Easter is best holiday

Here at Ouachita the tulips have been planted around the flag plaza and squirrel sightings are on the rise.  Spring has sprung and sadly spring break has passed. However, the best holiday of the entire year is among us, Easter.  Some may disagree and say Christmas is the best holiday or maybe even Thanksgiving, but rest assured this article is about to prove you wrong.

  1. JESUS LITERALLY DIED FOR YOUR SINS AND ROSE FROM THE GRAVE SO THAT YOU CAN BE SEEN RIGHTEOUS INFRONT OF GOD HIMSELF. GOD DIED FOR YOU!!! I digress. Honestly, this alone should be enough to prove that Easter is the best holiday.
  2. Easter egg hunts. One of the few holiday activities you never really get too old for. If you aren’t hunting them, you are hiding them.  Both are fun.  Also, the best eggs are the ones with dollar bills inside.
  3. GIANT CHOCOLATE BUNNIES! Who doesn’t love dove chocolate? But a dove chocolate bunny, that is A1.
  4. Decorating Easter eggs. A lot easier and a lot less messy than building a ginger bread house.  Also, it is more acceptable to crack an egg filled with confetti on someone’s head, than it is a ginger bread house.
  5. Easter Dresses. If you are a girl you know every year you pick out your best pastel/floral/spring dress to wear to the Easter service.  If you are a guy your brand new pastel button down. All the colors.
  6. Easter Baskets. If you are anything like me your Easter basket may be shrinking as the years pass. But no matter what, you are still excited to get those cute pair of socks.
  7. You spend quality time with your family, just like most holidays.  But unlike Christmas you can actually go outside and enjoy the nice spring breeze.
  8. The Easter bunny. Who doesn’t love a cute and soft bunny? Also, the Easter bunny is more forgiving. Unlike Santa Clause the Easter bunny won’t give you a lump of coal.
  9. ALL OF THE CANDY!! I already mentioned chocolate bunnies, but there is so much more. Jelly beans, Reeses Pieces packaged in the shape of a carrot, Peeps or Sweettarts in the shape of little chickens and ducks.  Candy on Easter is just so much better.
  10. AGAIN, JESUS CONCURRED THE GRAVE! This will always be the reason why Easter is the best holiday.

Enjoy spending time with your loved ones remembering the sacrifice God made for all of us.

By Addie Matthews, staff writer

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