JUCO blog soars into baseball community

May 3, 2018

The JUCO Baseball Blog is written by Noah Sharp. He is a recent graduate of Angelo State University with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies of Kinesiology, Communications and Psychology. The blog is over JUCO baseball teams, players and a featured game of the week. It was started early 2018 and has quickly grown in the college baseball community.

At the start, the blog was a way to entertain himself. Noah’s blog started off talking about anything that popped in his head. This ranged from workout tips to friends and family life stories. After writing a story about his alma mater, Howard Community College, having 14 players sign to Division I schools, the JUCO Baseball Blog was created. This post took off with different coaches and players liking, favoriting and re-tweeting the blog.

“When I started this blog, I didn’t have any goals,” said Noah. “I started it because I thought it was fun. I didn’t think that this would take off as fast as it did, and I’m surprised to see how many people have started to follow my blog. People have complained on the weeks that I am not able to post. So, I guess I am going to keep up the blog and see where it goes from here.”

Noah’s main background has been in Kinesiology. During his time at Howard, he was an athletic trainer for the baseball team. This is where he learned how college baseball works. He traveled with the baseball team for three years and was able to see how JUCO baseball worked.

“I spent my time as the athletic trainer observing the head coach and players,” said Noah. “I saw how the JUCO system worked and I got to train three seasons of Howard baseball. Through the three years, I noticed that JUCO baseball is just as good as D1.”

Once the blog started to gain more attention, sponsorships, agents, scouts, radio stations and the Prep Baseball Report started to follow the blog and ask Noah questions pertaining to it. Jaw Bats was the first sponsorship to support the blog. The sponsorship is a code that gives discounts on Jaw Bats products. The attraction that Jaw Bats had to the blog was the route that the blog had taken. The owner of Jaw Bats is a fan of the JUCO system and has started promoting the blog on its website. Since the start of the blog in January, there have been 777,100 total views as of April 16.

“Coaches are going out of there way to get back to me and help me out with my blog,” said Noah. “Coaches all over have been contacting me about my blog. I’ve had an Astros scout come to me asking for advice about players in the JUCO system. I think it is cool how willing coaches are to help me and how they are validating my opinion by the amount of interest that they are showing.”

By John Sharp, guest writer

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