Matty's opens its doors on a sunny day. (photo by Kate Ellis)

Matty’s: a new go-to in town

April 8, 2024

By Kate Ellis, News Editor

On Friday, April 5, I had the pleasure of getting lunch at Matty’s Restaurant, a new dining option for the city of Arkadelphia, located downtown. As I have on many occasions complained about the lack of a good sandwich place in town, I was elated to hear about the new establishment and even more excited to try it. 

The restaurant is housed in a spacious, historic home, complete with several dining rooms and a front porch with chairs for a sunny day. Upon walking in, we were greeted by a hostess and taken to our table. The dining rooms are nicely furnished with historic pictures hanging on the walls and quaint decorations. The owner, a friendly and seemingly restaurant-experienced man, spoke to us about the eatery’s accommodations and menu. Some rooms in the restaurant have a theme, two of which being the Romeo, which stands for “retired old men eating out,” and Juliet rooms. The Romeo and Juliet rooms, the first being more masculine and the latter being decorated to suit the ladies, can be used as a private space for parties or larger groups. 

After noticing the quiet yet inviting atmosphere, my lunch dates and I were curious about the origin of the name. Flipping through the menu, we found our answer. “The name, Matty’s…is derived from the name, Matthew; in the New Testament, Matthew was a tax collector who was called by Jesus to follow Him. One of the first things Matthew did was throw a dinner party for all his tax collector friends and invite Jesus (Mt. 9:10). Matthew knew that once they met Jesus their lives would never be the same. We hope you’ve met Jesus. If you want to know how, ask for Darren or send us a Facebook message.” Not only does Marty’s have kind staff, but the kind staff has a clear mission goal: to impact their community and make Jesus known.

A plate of tomato soup, pasta salad and a chicken salad sandwich occupies the table. (photo by Kate Ellis)

The menu has a variety of hearty breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, ranging from omelets and pancakes to soups and sandwiches to home-cooked Southern favorites and casseroles. All of the items on the menu are priced fairly, with a full breakfast meal starting at $5.99 and the most expensive meal reaching $15. Having arrived at 11 a.m., too late for the cut-off mark for breakfast–which is served from 6-10 am–the three of us ordered off of the lunch menu.  I ordered a chicken salad sandwich with Italian pasta salad and a side cup of tomato bisque soup. The other two ordered the turkey melt with cucumber salad and the Friday special, ham and beans. All three of us were impressed by how our meals were plated, and even more impressed by how they tasted. When I return, I will probably order the same sandwich I got, along with the same two sides. However, I was greatly impressed by the ham and beans special which came with cornbread, and I will probably try the other daily specials in the future. 

Matty’s has only been open for a little over a month, but deserves the packed crowds of an opening day. In my humble opinion, Matty’s should be every student’s lunch spot, and an option thrown in the regular mix for eating on weekends. While sitting inside this beautiful restaurant, I forgot that I was in Arkadelphia, a mere five minutes from campus, while also experiencing all of the sweet small town things that make this place home–the rich history, supportive community and deep roots.

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