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Fall pre-registration begins to help students fulfill requirements

April 9, 2024

By Sam Bennett, Staff Writer

As the current academic year draws to a close, students are gearing up for pre-registration, a crucial step in planning their academic futures here at Ouachita. With pre-registration just around the corner, students are encouraged to prepare by reviewing course offerings and scheduling advising appointments.

Pre-registration kicked off this week with upcoming seniors choosing their classes starting on Monday. Following suit, juniors will begin their pre-registration process on Wednesday, April 10, while sophomores will commence on Monday, April 15. Students in the Carl Goodson Honors Program have the privilege of registering with the class immediately above their own. 

To aid in this process, advisors have made provisions for scheduling appointments either through sign-up sheets on their office doors or via email instructions. Chair of Communications and Media, Dr. Deborah Root, emphasized the significance of these advising sessions.

“The advising appointment provides an opportunity to not only create a schedule for next semester, but also to have a conversation about how the semester is going, to address concerns and provide advice, and to discuss areas of study and possible career paths,” Root said.

Dr. Rebecca Jones, another communications faculty member deeply engaged in the advising process, expressed her enthusiasm for guiding students through their academic journeys. 

“I love academic advising and consider it a privilege to get to accompany students as they seek to grow and learn during their time at Ouachita,” Jones said. “It’s very rewarding to be part of that experience, and I deeply appreciate Ouachita’s approach to one-on-one advising and mentoring.”

Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the course lists for the upcoming summer term and fall semester, both of which are accessible through the Info portal. Additionally, they are encouraged to meet with their advisors to create degree plans, ensuring timely submission as per university regulations.

As students prepare for advising appointments, they are urged to review their degree plans, the academic catalog and course schedules available on Ouachita’s website. These resources aid in selecting courses that fulfill CORE, major and minor requirements, while also leaving room for elective credits.

Pre-registration not only marks a significant step towards academic progression for all returning Ouachita students, but also underscores OBU’s commitment to individualized student support and mentorship, creating a community where students are empowered to shape their educational journeys.

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