Noonday offers students a chance for a daily ‘checkpoint’ with God

“Noonday makes it better,” Amy Harrington said. “It is just awesome how that short little message can change my whole day in the most amazing way.”

Like clockwork every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at noon a group of students meet in Berry Chapel for a short time with God’s Word. Be it a guest missionary with an amazing testimony, a fellow classmate with a word of encouragement, or simply some worship music praising God, the purpose is clear: have a much needed checkpoint with our Savior to continue our day.

“I look forward to Noonday so much,” Harrington said. “I think it is very Biblical for us to get together and have a sort of ‘checkpoint’ with God in the middle of the day. He obviously blesses the idea.”

Three students are in charge of the days. Jason Beitendorf is in charge of the Monday Noondays.
“Noonday is just a time where college kids can come be friends and find rest. They can come in and bring in their sin knowing that they are accepted. It’s good to hear a short message during the day because they can find joy and peace and comfort by seeking it through the Word. God really shows up at Noonday. It’s a protected place.”

All students are welcome to attend each day. For more information or to speak at a noonday, see Jason Beitendorf, Jeff Garner or Hayley Nolan.

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