Ouachita’s Smiths reflect, give advice for married life

“For rich or for poor, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live.” It is obvious that marriage requires a lot of care.  Care that requires self-sacrifice even in the little things.  Ouachita married couple John and Paige Smith exemplify these characteristics.

The Smiths were married this past summer and since then have been taking on almost two semesters of school, work and marriage.  With all the busyness, John and Paige, understand how important it is to make each other’s lives a little easier.

“Paige is always asking me what she can do for me, especially if it has been a long day and I just come home and sit down and she can tell immediately that either I am not okay or I am just tired,” John said.

Paige feels the same way about John.

“He takes care of me in any way I need…He takes care of me spiritually and mentally. He will just ask how he can pray for me or if he can pray with me…If he can tell I am not feeling well he will stop what he is doing and take care of me,” Paige said.


This is all rather ironic, because John and Paige met and started dating in high school and their first impressions of each other differ a lot from their current impressions.

“I thought he did not talk to anybody. I thought he was very antisocial…He was a little nerdy,” Paige said.

But John’s first impression of Paige was not much different.

“I honestly never thought I would date her, I legitimately thought I could never date a girl like her. She has changed so much,” John said.

As you can see first impressions can be very wrong.  Before he knew it John was marrying the same girl he said he never saw himself dating. John and Paige obviously dated for a few years before they tied the knot, so they had some pretty wise advice to those who are currently dating.  John and Paige said to simply take your time.

“Be patient, be very patient…be patient for the wedding day, be patient with each other there is a lot of work before marriage and during,” John said.

They also said to try and avoid stressing out.

“For wedding planning, just don’t let it stress you or else it is not fun…and if you are dating somebody and you could see forever with them be patient with it…Enjoy it, take your time and enjoy your time together and don’t just rush it,” Paige said.

So, as Valentine’s Day is finally among us enjoy whatever season of life you are in and be patient.

“I am always evaluating, I do not want to get stuck in a place thinking that I have made it, because we never do,” John said.

By Addie Matthews, staff writer

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