Students debate over best coffee in town

February 3, 2022

By Emilee Webb, Staff Writer

February 3, 2022

Coffee is an important part of student life. It keeps students going after late nights studying or long days of classes. A favorite coffee shop can be a place to hang out, study or grab a quick energy boost. 

Arkadelphia offers students a caffeine fix in many different places, including Dr. Jack’s on Ouachita’s campus and Starbucks on Henderson’s campus. Samantha’s Sweets, Dunkin’ Donuts, Donut Palace and Java Primo are also fan favorites. Students are eager to share which option is superior in their book.

“Starbucks is always my go-to,” sophomore Ashley Drennan said. “There is so much variety there and I always know that they will have one of my favorites. The brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso is my favorite. It is strong with just the right amount of sweet flavor, and I know it will give me plenty of energy.”

While student opinions differ, price, taste and variety are factors that each student considers when deciding on a choice coffee shop. 

“Personally, I like Donut Palace coffee the best,” sophomore Addie Woods said. “Their prices are fantastic, and they even allow you to order your coffee on a sweetness scale from one to ten. I know that my coffee will always have the perfect amount of sweetness.” 

Some students have even gone so far as to share their opinions on Arkadelphia’s coffee options on social media. Freshman Brianna Cantrell created an Instagram account (@delphcoffeereviews) to showcase her thoughts on various coffee drinks in Arkadelphia. She invites a guest along to review a coffee with her as well. So far, she has visited Dunkin’ Donuts, Samantha’s Sweets and has even tried coffee made by her friends on campus. 

“Like most students on campus, I have grown a dependency on caffeine to keep myself going through assignments and weeks like tunes and rush. A couple of months ago, I decided it would be funny to make an Instagram called @delphcoffeereviews where I would post videos of my friends and I rating drinks from different places around Arkadelphia,” Cantrell said. “Coffee runs with my roommate and other friends have brought me so many great memories that I have cherished. Of course, my favorite coffee is from Samantha’s Sweets— the scrappy latte is unbeatable.”

Though preferences differ, students can agree that having a range of coffee shops to choose from is a huge asset to their college experience.

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