Tacos 4 Life: a new addition with flavor and purpose

September 14, 2023

By Jacie Sellars, Staff Writer

September 14, 2023

As a new school year begins, Ouachita is welcoming many changes, including a new campus dining option. Tacos 4 Life recently opened in the Evans Student Center, offering tacos, bowls and dips to students. The restaurant was founded by Ouachita alumni Austin and Ashton Samuelson, creating a full-circle moment as it comes to campus.  

Along with enjoying delicious Mexican food, students can also support a humble cause. Tacos 4 Life takes pride in serving “craft tacos for a cause,” as their motto describes. For every meal purchased, Tacos 4 Life donates a meal to starving children across the globe in more than 70 countries through Feed my Starving Children, their nonprofit partner. Ouachita students can see their contribution in real time by looking at the vibrant digital sign by the Tacos 4 Life counter. In a few short weeks, the Ouachita location has already helped donate nearly 2,000 meals to those in need. 

The arrival of Tacos 4 Life provides an exciting and convenient new dining option for students. Since its opening, long lines of customers have eagerly waited to order from the menu. As someone who enjoys a quality taco, I was excited to try the food. I ordered the chicken fajita taco with a side of queso and enjoyed it. The service was fast, and the food had a bold flavor. I was also refreshed by their famous paradise punch. Tacos 4 Life adds much-needed variety to campus dining all while supporting a good cause.

Tacos 4 Life also helps to support different dietary needs on campus. The bowls include fresh foods like rice, grilled chicken and vegetables, creating a convenient but healthy meal. Sophomore Lolly Soto is excited to have a fast food option that she can enjoy. “Since I am gluten-free and dairy-free, I love that Tacos 4 Life can accommodate me,” Soto said. “I usually order the Southwest bowl with no dairy.” These new dishes allow a larger group of students to experience the food court in the Student Center.

Overall, students and staff have enjoyed having a new restaurant on campus. For some, a new craving has been born. For others, their love for the Tex-Mex restaurant has grown. Sophomore Hayden Wylie considers himself a Tacos 4 Life fan, and his enthusiasm for the restaurant on campus is evident. “When I found out that we were getting Tacos 4 Life last semester, I was really excited!” Wylie said. “Since its opening, I’ve been there multiple times and have never been disappointed. Mexican food is one of my favorites, and it is incredibly convenient to have a Tex-Mex restaurant on campus.”

It’s no secret that Tacos 4 Life meets common desires of Ouachita students: giving back with Christlike love and eating mouthwatering dishes. To deem it a “big hit” is truly an understatement.

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