Tiger Tunes Survival Guide

October 3, 2022

By Camryn Manning, Staff Writer

October 3, 2022

Tiger Tunes means a season where time management skills are crucial. Students are under pressure to maintain their academics and social lives in addition to nightly rehearsals. Tiger Tunes is a time for making memories, but for many students, it is also full of stress. Here are ten tips to survive Tiger Tunes.

  1. Give your brain consistent rest! Getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night improves brain function, giving the body time to recover and allowing the mind to store memories. If a test looms the next day, split the study time! The study-sleep-study pattern is most effective for the brain, more effective than staying up late or even all night. Sleep is a necessity, don’t neglect it.
  2. Make connections. In your classes you may find others who would love to create a study group where you can help each other on upcoming classwork and study together.
  3. When it comes to homework, don’t procrastinate! As Josh York, a senior Christian Studies major put it, “Don’t nap! Do all your work during the day.” Completing schoolwork before Tiger Tunes practice allows for sleep that night. Be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to time management: plan time to do homework and study before anything else.
  4. Set a certain place to focus on academics. Our minds associate places with action, such as the bed with sleeping and possibly the Student Center with socializing. Find a place to let your mind be set on academics, whether it be in the library or a dorm lounge.
  5. If you find yourself overwhelmed with schoolwork, Dr. Duvall advises students to make lists, think small, and just do one thing at a time. “Like riding a bike,” he says, “it sometimes gets to the point where you’re so tired you have to think about just the next cycle, or you’ll be overwhelmed. One pedal at a time.”
  6. Reach out for help with academics. Professors are typically more than willing to give advice and answer questions regarding coursework; they want you to succeed! Also, the Speer Writing Center can assist with writing assignments, and free tutoring is offered through the Academic Success Center.
  7. Call back home! Making a phone call or sending a text to a loved one can help you continue to be connected to your friends and family.  
  8. During Tiger Tunes, Shelby Cheek advises of the importance of “de-stressing,” making time to relax and disconnect. It is worth it to take a small piece of time out of the day to unwind. If you are feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out. In a fall 2019 study by the American College Health Association, 3/5 university students claimed they experienced “overwhelming” anxiety.  Counseling services at Ouachita are free, and students are encouraged to sign up anytime.
  9. Tiger Tunes is meant to be fun! Let this be an opportunity to make memories while learning choreography, lyrics and “Tunes-running.” Get to know the other people in your show, they may well turn out to be your best friends after Tunes.
  10. Lastly, don’t let the stress of college and Tiger Tunes rob you of joy. The college experience is once-in-a-lifetime, and can bring true, lasting friends and memories. Stay rooted in the big picture and enjoy every moment you can!

As the week of Tiger Tunes performances grows closer, remember to rest and be present in the moment. With the right mindset and habits, Tiger Tunes season can be the most exciting and fun part of the school year!

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