ABSC hosts communications luncheon

Junior and senior communications majors have been invited to attend a luncheon hosted by the Arkansas Baptist State Convention tomorrow. David Bond, who has a daughter who recently graduated from Ouachita in the communications field, and his colleagues at the Arkansas Baptist State Convention realize the value of communication majors for the church and Christian organizations and have made an effort to get to know Ouachita students. They want to share with communications majors the different opportunities for them in Christian ministry, whether it be in video production, photography, writing, public relations, advertising and the like.

In order to get to know Ouachita’s students, they are sponsoring a lunch for the second consecutive year. During this hour or so, professionals in various communications fields within the Arkansas Baptist State Convention will sit at various tables, interacting with students and sharing their experiences and what their career has to offer.

Ian Craft, a senior mass communications major from Celina, Texas who attended the luncheon last year, said, “It was really neat getting to, first of all, take a break from the daily hustle and bustle to get free food, but also to meet so many great people.”

Included in the list of professionals are Ouachita graduates who want to share how they have used their communications degree in their careers. This allows students to network with many wonderful people and get a vision for their future career.

Dr. Jeff Root, dean of the school of humanities, said, “We are tremendously grateful to the Arkansas Baptist State Convention for deepening this relationship. David has been a major part of that, and their executive director, Dr. Sonny Tucker, is also a Ouachita graduate who we all know well and have great appreciation for, and I think between the two of them and the other folks at the Baptist building, they have made this a priority. It has already been a great thing for us, and I think it will continue to grow. It’s a really strong connection.”

The luncheon will be in Walker Conference center at noon.

by Ashlynn Morton, Staff writer

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