Campus Activities to host trivia night

CAB will host a Harry Potter Trivia Night at 7 pm in Evans Student Center on Friday, Oct. 17.

Students interested should sign up in teams of no more than five  people, or they can sign up individually and be placed on a team. The sign up sheets are outside of the Campus Activities office.

According to CAB’s staff advisor Stacey Perry, over 14 teams are planning to compete and students are able to sign up until the night of the event. Students are encouraged to dress up, although it is not required to participate.

“It’s a community event, a chance to get out of your room on a Friday night and spectators are encouraged,” Perry said. “We’re expecting over 100 people to show up and it’s going to be corny and fun.”

Teams can anticipate  questions from both the books and the movies. Roxanne Easter, the CAB special events chair who planned the event, says Jimmy Phillips, CAB’s former staff advisor, has worked on the questions since last semester. Phillips is an avid Harry Potter fan.

Easter also re-read the series and watched all the movies this summer in order to help with writing the questions. The questions have undergone a testing process by CAB members helping out with the event.

A select few members who know Harry Potter very well got together and answered all the questions to add to and rule out the best fitting questions. Although difficult, the questions will be things that Harry Potter fans who have both read the books and seen the movies should know.

CAB’s goal according to Perry is to have every question be answered by at least one team. Easter will host the event as the “Master of Ceremonies” and dress up as a character from the series.

Evans Student Center will be covered in theme appropriate decorations including the Weeping Willow, the 9 ¾ platform featured in both the book and the movie, floating candles, multiple photo ops and more.

CAB is even planning on having Harry Potter themed snacks like Butterbeer and wands made out of pretzel sticks. Prizes for the winning team will be Harry Potter themed although you will have to attend the event for said prizes to be revealed.

“My favorite part of planning this event has been coming up with questions and decorations to make the event special, because I just got to be on Pinterest for hours,” Easter said.

The event is expected to last about two hours and CAB members are excited to see all their hard work put into action. For anybody who thinks they are the biggest fan, their Harry Potter knowledge will be put to the ultimate test.

For more information on the event, contact Stacey Perry at or Easter. For more information on CAB, contact Tim Harrell.

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