Fall breezes bring fun activities

Put away your favorite beach towels, throw away the left over sunscreen and take off those shades because vacation is over. As the end of summertime draws near, many of us dread saying goodbye to the warm relaxing season. Reminiscing of those July watermelon-filled days and naps by the pool would make anyone want to turn back time.

One could argue that this rapidly departing season is one of a kind and will be missed. However, no need to sulk for very long because something even better is upon us. Something so amazing that you will want to leave those beach bash memories in the dust. So go ahead and trade that swim gear in for a sweater because the greatest time of the year is arriving shortly. Yes, friends, I’m talking about fall. And it is the best season of all!

Imagine stepping outside in the morning, feeling a cool autumn breeze flowing through your hair. The smell of clean fresh air, conditioned by a cleansing rain from the night before is what you’re breathing. Most of all, the ground is completely covered by a thick layer of leaves. Reds, yellows, oranges, all colors laying perfectly on the ground like a picture painted by Picasso himself. This definitely makes the walk to class a lot more bearable.

Furthermore, this is the perfect weather to grab a friend and go for a leisurely walk, or run alone and embrace the quiet whispers of the wind. Any way you choose to do so, it is imperative that you embrace the autumn weather.

One of the best ways to embrace autumn is America’s favorite past-time, football. Listening to music, socializing with friends and playing the always fun Baggo game while you munch on yummy tailgate food is essential to a successful game day. After you wrap up there, make your way to the stands where you are guaranteed to be pumped up by the roaring of the fans.

Maybe you’re a Razorback fan. Deck out in red and get ready to call those Hogs. If NFL is more your thing, pick your favorite team and cheer them on in your very own living room. If you’re really invested, consider getting involved in a fantasy league. Don’t forget to roar with the rest of Tiger Nation. They love seeing a strong, enthusiastic crowd every Saturday, and the more you cheer, the better chance the team has of leaving with a win. Which makes it all that much better.

If you’ve spent a whole day cheering on your favorite football team, then you’re probably ready for a day of rest and relaxation. Head to your local coffee shop because this is the only time of year for the all-time favorite pumpkin spice latté. If you’re a coffee connoisseur like the majority of the college population, then you’re going to fall in love with the seasonal fall flavors. Once you’ve tasted the latté, it’s only a matter of time before you come back for the pumpkin cheesecake frappuccino. Mix that with the additional pumpkin spice candles, pies and other pumpkin spice infused treats, and you will be truly prepared to take on the season.

However, the pumpkin doesn’t just stop there. Don’t miss out on visiting a pumpkin patch for the fall holidays. Picking your favorite pumpkin and carving it with your besties is both a fun and unique way to spend a day. Once you’ve done that, set it outside your front door to create spooky Halloween décor. Also, dress up in a fun or scary costume and attend a Halloween party, and don’t forget the candy corn!

Don’t let the cold weather fool you, fall is filled with something for everyone to enjoy. From the cool autumn breeze and the rumbling of the football stands to the pumpkin infused holiday festivities, this time of year is simply incomparable. So put some pep in your step and worry no more! Summer is out and the best season of all is in.

By Emily Brosius, staff writer

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