Got It Covered: Q & A with Triple Threat

February 12, 2013

Tyler Davis is a sophomore mass communications major from Benton, Ark. at OBU and a member of Eta Alpha Omega and a Tri Chi beau. Caleb Conrad is a freshman political science major from Benton, Ark. at HSU and a member of the HSU choir. Will Richey is a sophomore church music major from Benton, Ark. at OBU and a member of Kappa Chi.

Q: Who are the members of Triple Threat?

A: Richey: “We are just three goofy guys from Benton. Tyler and I came to Ouachita last year and Caleb is now a freshman at Henderson. All three of us have been singing together since Tyler’s and my junior year, and Tyler and I have sung together in church since we were in about the third grade.”

Q: When will the album be coming out and where can it be downloaded?

A: Conrad: “We have a seven-song EP of covers out now called ‘Got It Covered.’ People can download it free at”

Q: Where did the name Triple Threat come from?

A: Davis: “Well, first off, there are three of us. We wanted a name that sounded contemporary, but also had a meaning behind it. We came up with Triple Threat because our music has three common things: pure and tight harmonies, individual vocal talent and the ability to come up with creative and entertaining arrangements of popular songs.”

Q: What is the main focus of the album?

A: Conrad: “We wanted to make a fun cover album that gave people a different take on the songs they thought they knew. We took Top 20 songs and added an acoustic feel with continuous harmonies.”

Q: What made you guys want to record this album?

A: Davis: “Well we’ve been singing together for a couple of years at different events and just for fun. Caleb had already recorded at Blue Chair by himself before, so we knew it was good quality. We just decided that it was something we wanted to do to allow other people to hear us and just to have something professionally done for the future.”

*If these guys look familiar, they were the brains and pipes behind YouTube sensation, “Hey Grude.”

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