Humans of OBU: Faculty Couples

Amy: “Doug and I respond to working together at Ouachita as if doing comedy improv. Sometimes without consulting, we have to follow each other gestures to keep all the plates up in the air. For Freshmen WOW, it used to be faculty provided dinner, then OBU provided pies, then the students brought chocolate-chip cookies, and, as of late, OBU provides cash for faculty to prepare food. Sometime between the cookies and the cash, Doug and I thought the students were still bringing the goodies. So, when all twenty or so students arrived on time at our door, Doug and I soon realized we were empty handed. In the middle of the usual “what’s-your-major-where-you-from” Grin-and-Bear-It, Doug slipped out the back. As I listened to students in the front room, I saw our van peal out. About fifteen minutes later, I saw our van roll in. After a quick blast from our blender, a perspiring and smiling, Doug walked in holding a  tray full of milkshakes.”

Dr. Amy Sonheim, Professor of English

Dr. Doug Sonheim, Clarence and Bennie Sue Anthony Professor of Bible Humanities, Chair of the Department

Photo by: Marissa Pilcher

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