Intramural soccer makes its return to Ouachita after last year’s absence

October 12, 2023

By Sam Bennett, Staff Writer

October 12, 2023

As temperatures go from hot to cool and leaves change from green to orange, students and the entire Ouachita community are beaming with excitement as soccer makes its return to the intramural sports lineup. As intramural fields were unavailable due to maintenance this time last year, the popular sport was replaced with human foosball for the time being. Now that the fields are back up and running, students have shown considerable enthusiasm about being able to play intramural soccer once again.

“Soccer has been one of the most missed intramural sports here at OBU,” said Johnny Webb, Ouachita Recreational Life Assistant Director. Last year we did not have intramural fields, so we had to get creative with what sports we were going to offer. Now that we have fields, students are stoked to get back out there and participate.” 

The intramural soccer season promises an action-packed schedule, with each team playing atotal of four games. Top-performing teams will advance to playoffs. There is a drastic increase in participation, with around 225 players taking the field this season, a significant increase from the last time soccer was offered. “I think it’s due to the fact that we haven’t had it in a while,” said Webb.

Ouachita brings a unique twist to the sport, though. Matches are played on a smaller field with smaller goals, fewer players and a strict no-slide-tackling policy in place to ensure safety.

As the school’s intramural fields have reopened, students can look forward to further improvements being made in the near future. “We are excited to be hosting our field sports on our very own intramural fields again,” said Shane Seaton, Ouachita Recreational Life Director. “The fields will only improve over the next year, not only with more grass growth but some other improvements as well. Ouachita Facilities Management has already begun work on a drinking fountain and bottle filler station which will be a welcome addition.” 

Students who have eagerly awaited soccer’s return are thrilled to be back on the field enjoying the highs and the lows of the game. “Intramurals have been such an amazing opportunity for me since I’ve been at Ouachita,” said junior Ben Harrod. “[Intramurals] not only help me stay active by playing the sports I love but have also brought so many fun friendships into my life.” 

As intramural soccer returns to Ouachita, it’s not just about the game, but it’s also about building camaraderie, fueling competition and experiencing the joy of being on the field. The excitement and anticipation surrounding the soccer season highlight the importance of intramural sports in the Ouachita community, where friendships are formed, competition thrives and the love for the game shines through.

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