North American Mission Board to host Send Conference in Dallas

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) and International Mission Board (IMB) will be hosting a two-day mission’s conference on May 19-20 in Dallas, Texas. Christian leaders such as David Platt and Trip Lee will be speaking at the event, with David Crowder and Austin Stone leading worship. The conference will focus on encouraging and equipping young adults to further the kingdom of God in practical ways.

Brian Frye, the National Collegiate Strategist for NAMB, will co-lead breakout sessions with collegiate church planter Keith Wieser on developing college students to be future church leaders. 

“Our desire is to see every student at Send Conference 2017 find a clear pathway to leverage their lives for the Gospel,” Frye said. “All types of leaders, from the main stage to breakouts, will provide all kinds of missional opportunities for students to join God’s global mission in their everyday lives, careers or in full-time ministry. They’ll learn about international missions through the International Mission Board, mechanisms to serve those in need through Send Relief and about opportunities to join church planting teams on college campuses and in the largest cities across North America through Send Network.”

The Dallas event is not their first, nor will it be their last. The NAMB have hosted similar conferences in Dallas in 2013 and in Nashville in 2015. In 2017, they planned to hold three conferences in three different locations in the United States. The first conference was held in Long Beach, Calif., in February of this year. The second is the Dallas conference next month. The third conference will be in June in Orlando.

Students are encouraged to attend the conference to further their knowledge of ministry and experience uplifting messages from well-known Christians.

“Send Conference Dallas is jam packed with leaders, strategists, practitioners and ministry multipliers from across North America and the world who are redefining missions,” Frye said. “We are inviting you to join God’s global mission in your everyday life. If you want to be exposed to a wide range of ministry ideas, concepts and opportunities, Send Dallas is the place to be, May 19-20. Not only will you be inspired by the influencers from the stage, you’ll get personal interaction with leaders and practitioners during practical breakouts and meals, and most importantly, learn from fellow attendees who are actively living their lives on mission.”

If you are considering the possibility of ministry or the mission field as an occupation, Frye shares a few reasons why you should attend the Send Conference.

“First, the world needs to hear the Gospel from you,” Frye said. “You are the best people to reach those in their 20s and younger who are most receptive to the Gospel. Second, while we absolutely endorse and value the role of vocational missions, don’t think you have to be appointed by a mission board to be a missionary. Pastors, church planters, church staff, full-time missionaries and other vocational ministers are important, but they will never be able to reach the world alone. Whatever you are called to do—doctor, lawyer, biologist, oceanographer, physicist, accountant, graphic artist, factory worker, jeweler, or teacher—chose to give your life, time, talent and passion to making disciples who make disciples to start churches who start churches.”

For more information, visit the event website ( There will be a discounted rate for college groups of 15 or more. Email Andrew Kistler for the group rate (



By: Sarah Hays, Staff Writer

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