OSF makes plans to celebrate a 50-year mark

February 9, 2024

By Madison Basco, Copy Editor

Ouachita Student Foundation (OSF) is celebrating 50 years this Saturday, commemorating 50 years of students helping students. President Cabb Batson explains that OSF, along with sponsor Jon Merryman, have been working hard on the details for the night. 

“When the idea was first pitched, we had to dream up what would highlight all of OSF’s achievements over the last 50 years, and we think this forum is the perfect way to highlight our commitment to students helping students,” Batson said.   

Batson explains what it has been like being president during this anniversary. 

“Being president in this, a very special anniversary year, has been one of the most special experiences I’ve had at Ouachita,” Batson explained. “In celebrating the anniversary, we have gotten to look back at OSF’s past. It has been pretty neat to see the differences and note the commonalities that have endeavored to provide scholarships for deserving juniors and seniors at Ouachita.  It also serves as a natural pivot point for us to look towards the next 50 years of OSF and how to keep up the good work.  From that, we have decided to place all money raised in the spring into an endowment that will help to preserve our legacy for years to come.”

OSF raised over $200,000 in the fall (to be distributed as scholarships) and are hoping to raise another $50,000 this spring to place in the endowment. 

“OSF has certainly made me into a more organized person,” Batson explained. “There are not very many non-profit foundations with a full-time student at the helm; I have had to learn how to navigate the certain challenges of both of my commitments at the same time.”  

OSF is hosting their third annual Fund Rund this Saturday for student scholarships. 

“[The Fund Run]  will kick off Tiger 4 Life Week, a week dedicated to the promotion of living a philanthropic lifestyle both at Ouachita and after graduation,” Batson explained. “I have been around to help, but I have to give a lot of credit to our philanthropy and special events committees and their respective leaders: Jane Ellen Dial, Olivia Nethercutt, Joey Whisenhunt, and Jillian Covington.They have worked hard for this to be a successful and fun event and week.” 

Along with the excitement of OSF’s 50th anniversary and third annual Fund Run, OSF has also opened up applications  for those who want to get involved. 

“Being a member of OSF is a distinction,” Batson said. “Our members are very diverse in their affiliations on campus, but unwavering amongst them is the desire to give back to their fellow students.”

If you are considering joining OSF or want to know more about their mission of students helping students, visit obu.edu/osf.  OSF will hold their last interest meeting (mandatory for prospective members) on Wednesday, Feb. 28, at 12:15 p.m.  

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