Scholars Day set to highlight academic work

April 23, 2024

By Sam Bennett, Staff Writer

Ouachita’s annual Scholars Day, scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, illuminates students’ academic achievements across various disciplines throughout the academic year. Sponsored by Alpha Tau, the student organization of the Carl Goodson Honors Program, this event celebrates scholarly endeavors at Ouachita. From senior theses and science research to award-winning theater and musical productions, the campus will be bustling with a diverse array of presentations. Additionally, senior art and graphic design exhibits will be featured throughout campus, further showcasing the talent and dedication of Ouachita’s students.

Under the leadership of Dr. Barbara Pemberton, the Carl Goodson Honors Program takes charge of organizing Scholars Day. The festivities commence with Alpha Chi inductions at 12:30 p.m. on the campus lawn, followed by a multitude of student presentations and performances dispersed across the campus. These events are open to all students, faculty and staff, as well as the general public. It is also an event that prospective students are encouraged to attend in an effort to obtain an understanding of what Ouachita’s Honors Program has to offer.

Junior Will Ross shares his enthusiasm for Scholars Day, highlighting its role in fostering community and recognizing academic achievements among Ouachita students. 

“I enjoy Scholars Day because it is a great opportunity for Ouachita students to come together and see the academic progress made by your peers,” Ross said. “It is important because it’s one of the few events that celebrate students academically.”

Junior Olivia Nethercutt echoes this sentiment, expressing her excitement about presenting her work to peers and professors during Scholars Day. 

“Scholars Day is always an exciting day because I get to present my work to my peers and professors,” Nethercutt said. “It is even more exciting when I am able to learn from my peers’ research.”

Senior Gabe Chandler also reflects on how Scholars Day has helped him grow. 

“Scholars Day is important to me because it allows me to further develop my communication skills,” Chandler said. “Having my hard work published is rewarding in and of itself, but I believe being able to effectively communicate a vision is invaluable, no matter what your career might be. Scholars Day provides us with that opportunity.”

Scholars Day not only showcases individual achievements but also cultivates a culture of intellectual curiosity and collaboration at Ouachita. As students come together to share their research, ideas and creative endeavors, they reinforce the university’s dedication to academic excellence and innovation.

For more information about Scholars Day, contact Dr. Barbara Pemberton at

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