The One Bad Habit You Want to Indulge In

October 2, 2022

By Valeria Gomez, Online Editor-In-Chief

September 26, 2022

Bad Habit, a band based in Little Rock, has been rocking and entertaining others at different venues and events since 2015. 

Bad Habit was created after Jack and Sam Bennett’s mom confirmed she had a band that could play at a high school class reunion, when in reality, she didn’t, it was just the two brothers. They saw a need and met it; little did they know it would turn out so successful. 

The band has 4 members, and they play classic rock music from the 70s, 80s and 90s and occasionally the 2000s. Jack shared how this surprises some people due to their age. 

“The music that we play is really special in that you don’t ever really see people our ages playing the music that we are,” he said. “We always impressed people with the fact that we even knew the songs we were playing. We have our parents to thank for bringing us up with some of the best music ever written.” 

While social media is a key tool to get the name of Bad Habit out there, the members prioritize relationships with the audience. 

“The four of us make it a priority to go talk to people in the audience during breaks and let them know that we appreciate them coming out,” Jack said. “It builds a relationship on some level to where we know we’re playing for our friends.”

Sam, a sophomore mass communications and media major from Little Rock, explained how his favorite part of being in the band is sharing his love for music with others.

 “Music is my passion, getting to share that with others is a unique experience,” he said. “It was very exciting once the pandemic went down, seeing people come back to the venues and enjoying our show. Seeing the joy that it brought then and have a good time, it was a cool thing.” 

This experience has brought the Bennett brothers closer both in business and on a personal level. 

“Sam and I have a very strong and solid partnership in how we run things. That is the business side of it,” Jack said. “On a personal level, I think that we have come closer because we keep learning things about each other that we would have never known. At the end of the day, I am proud to be able to get on stage with my brother. I would not rather have anybody else on a kit behind me.” 

The band has taught them to balance their relationship and separate work from family time. 

“We would not see each other as often if it wasn’t for the band. We have to make time to spend with each other as brothers and not just as coworkers,” Sam said. 

Between practices and shows, Sam has faced challenges being a full-time student and performing with the band. 

“Academically, it is not much of a problem. The challenge is socially. I do not have time to hang out with friends or go on dates because I am always busy on the weekends,” he said. 

Bad Habit is only getting started. Its members hope to continue growing and expanding, bringing joy to those who come to listen. 

“The sky is the limit,” Jack said. “We have a solid thing going on right now that is making a lot of people happy, so we’re going to keep on doing what we’re doing. As long as I get to do it with my brother, I will always be happy to pick up my guitar and jump on a stage.” 

For bookings and contact information, go to Bad Habit’s website and their Instagram @littlerocksbadhabit.

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