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December 21, 2023

By The Signal Staff

December 21, 2023

“As a stickler for musical authenticity, I’ve never been a fan of electronic drum sets. However,
the Alesis Strike Pro (special edition) is a technological wonder and a game changer for
electronic instruments. It’s durable and built to look and feel like a real kit. It also holds
presets designed to help drummers sound just like Phil Collins, Neil Peart and other
legendary players. You can even plug it right into your interface, doing away with the many
headaches that come with tracking an acoustic kit. I’ll choose an acoustic kit over an
electronic kit any day, but the Strike Pro would be a great secondary kit to have. Just ignore
the price.”

Sam Bennett, Staff Writer

“This year, I would really love a digital camera for Christmas. They are a little pricey, but I love the idea of capturing moments with something besides my phone camera. The quality of the photos brings me back to my childhood, which I absolutely love. As a junior, I am gradually coming to the end of many Ouachita experiences. Therefore, I would love to be able to use this camera for those moments and the moments to come!”

Madison Basco, Copy Editor

“For my high school graduation, my dad surprised me with a charm bracelet. It came with a frog charm on it and a charm that read “daddy’s girl.” Since then, I have worn that bracelet all the time, but I haven’t added any new charms. For Christmas this year, I am asking my sister for a matching sister charm, and my dad for a couple of cute charms to really make it personal to me.”

Kyndall Fomby-Bell, Staff Writer

“This year, the top item on my Christmas list is a pair of UGG slippers. These cozy, warm and trendy shoes are perfect for morning, noon and night, but I especially need them to wear around in the dorm. I can proudly say that I owned a pair of UGG boots during the first fad phase several years ago, and I am glad that they have come back into the limelight in a different but just as cute style.”

Kate Ellis, News Editor

“My new favorite hobby is antique shopping, so I asked for antique decor this year. With graduation coming up, I am preparing to live in a new place, and I want something to make my next home feel cozy. I’ve always admired how every antique has a story, and that means it’s been loved before. To me, the older the gift, the better, because I can give the gift a new home with new stories tell. I suppose you could say that antiques are the kind of gifts that keep on giving.”

Kaelin Clay, Online Editor-in-Chief

“This year for Christmas, I am asking for some athleisure wear, pearl earrings and some fun stocking stuffers. Stockings are my favorite part of gifting, so I made a list of some fun things I want. Included in that list was a Rhode lip balm, an Emi Jay claw clip with bows on it, an Evelyn Henson desk calendar and dupe Celine sunglasses from Amazon.”

Jane Ellen Dial, Arts/Entertainment Editor

“Trite as it sounds, it’s important that we have hope. Hope that soon we will rise out of this despair and find ourselves in good times again. In the meantime, for this Christmas, be with the ones you love and find those little bits of joy wherever you can. Remember that happiness doesn’t come from owning things.”

James McIntyre, Staff Writer

“For the friend that loves books but doesn’t have much space in their dorm or apartment, consider giving them an invisible bookshelf. This standing model makes it easy to stack all of their favorite reads without taking up valuable floor space in a dorm room. This practical gift is perfect for readers and will be used for years to come!”

Jacie Sellars, Staff Writer

The Insanity of God tells the story of Nik and Ruth Ripkin traveling to nations where it is illegal to spread the gospel and minister to the people. They were witnesses to the horrific realities of the persecution of Christians in these counties, and they even lost one of their sons partially due to the lack of sufficient medical treatments in these countries. They were left asking the question, ‘Is Jesus worth it?’ The second half of the book is dedicated to telling the stories of other Christians and their experiences. The shocking discovery that the reader will glean from these stories is that despite the horrendous torture these christians have experienced, they all have reached the same conclusion: Jesus is worth it. This book is a great gift for any Christian, as those who read it will come away with a better understanding of God’s power, a heart for those persecuted in the name of the Lord and a hope for the future of the Church.”

Emma Donley, Staff Writer

“The #1 thing on my Christmas list this year is a pair of Birkenstock Bostons. These are such a huge trend right now! I love that they are comfortable and versatile. I chose the color ‘taupe’ because I feel like I will be able to wear this color with a lot of different outfits, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the color options. Personally, I’m expecting to see a lot of OBU students with new bostons after Christmas break because these are one of the hottest gifts of the season. I know that some don’t like to follow the trends exactly out of a fear of being “basic,” but these are just too cute and comfortable to pass up. They’re a trend for a reason!”

Emilee Webb, Print Editor-in-Chief

“For Christmas this year, I’m only asking for one thing, though it is on the expensive side: a clean car! I’ve practically lived out of my vehicle since freshman year, and though it isn’t necessarily filthy, I would love it if it could be professionally detailed before I get married in January.”

Camryn Manning, Opinions Editor

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