Campus Ministries wins overall entertainment award Thursday, October 6 2017. Photo courtesy of Dr. Wesley Kluck

Tiger Tunes Results

October 6, 2017

Following each performance of Tiger Tunes this weekend, judges will award preliminary awards in five categories: theme & lyric, music, costume, choreography and overall entertainment. The Signal will cover awards each night, and this list of preliminary award winners will be updated throughout the weekend.


Winners for Thursday night include:

Theme and Lyric: Eta Alpha Omega “Sidekicks”

Music: Tri Chi “Takes Flight”

Costume: Kappa Chi “Colonists”

Choreography: Tie between Eta Alpha Omega “Sidekicks” and Tri Chi “Takes Flight”

Overall Entertainment: Campus Ministries “Barber Shop”


Winners for Friday night include:

Theme and Lyric: Tri Chi “Takes Flight”

Music: Kappa Chi “Colonists”

Costume: Kappa Chi “Colonists”

Choreography: Tri Chi “Takes Flight”

Overall Entertainment: Tri Chi “Takes Flight”


Follow the Signal for Tiger Tunes coverage throughout the weekend and watch the final performance live at on Saturday, October 7 at 8:25 p.m.



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