Are the Characters from ‘Rogue One’ Memorable? (Video)

Ever since late 2014 when “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was announced, we have been on a non-stop Star Wars hype train.  For about a year, we all anticipated for Episode Seven to come out.  Once Force Awakens hype died down, the Rogue one Trailer came out and started the hype back up.  Now that the Rogue One Hype has started to die down, hype for the Last Jedi has started back up.  And I’m sure once Last Jedi hype is over, we’ll all be excited for the Han Solo Movie.  The Star Wars Hype train will never stop.

This time last year, I asked people the names of Force Awakens characters.

Now I’m going to see if people remember the characters from Rogue One.

Video By Nate Wallace

Music at the beginning by the Tiger Steel Drum Band


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