Campus Integrity Program promotes civility and creativity

The William H. and Peggy Sutton Center for Integrity will be hosting the Campus Integrity Project this month.

According to center director Dr. Byron Eubanks, the goal of the Campus Integrity Project is to “involve students in thinking creatively in thinking about some of the ethical values that should be a part of our campus mission and value system.”

The theme for this year’s project is “civility.” Students are encouraged to either write a 500 word (or less) essay or create a two minute (or less) video related to the theme. OBU alumni will judge the submissions, and the winners will receive cash prizes.

Eubanks decided to pick this year’s theme of civility because of the “distinct lack of civility” in the past year in political conversation and on social media.

He hopes that this year’s event will have an impact on the campus. The essays will be posted in The Signal, while videos will be shown in OBU connections classes to incoming students in the coming years. Eubanks hopes that students will be more impacted when hearing from other students rather than professors.

“If nothing else,” Eubanks says, “this gives [students] a chance to make some pretty good money for some creative work.”

The top prize for the video competition is $600, with a second place prize of $300. The top prize for the essay competition is $400, with a second place prize of $200.

By Caleb Byrd, staff writer

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