Christian Focus Week encourages personal reflection

February 1, 2021

by MacKenzie Hall, Staff Writer

February 1, 2021

In a world that has experienced much hurt and heartache in the past year, Christian Focus Week (CFW)  brings a time to revive and renew the weary hearts of the Ouachita community. Campus Ministries (CM) hosts this over 70 year-old event every winter with the purpose of creating faithful disciples of Jesus. This year’s theme is “One on One,” and the week’s events are centered around examining Christians’ personal relationships with Jesus.

According to CM leader Raegan Greer, the theme was inspired by personal encounters with Jesus throughout the New Testament. 

“I was really intrigued by the one-on-one encounters Jesus had with people in the Bible,” Greer said. “I kind of wanted to focus on maybe one specific story, and Faith Moore [another CM leader] brought to the table how people separately encounter Jesus in a unique way.”

This week, CM will have daily events for students to engage with. From worship nights, devotionals, art and guest speakers on Zoom, there are many opportunities throughout the week for faculty, staff and students to participate.

“We have different breakouts every day, all week long,” Hannah Walker, assistant director of CM, said. “We’re doing a short, five minute devotional on Instagram by a student, and then Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have Noonday in Berry Chapel with student speakers.”

Each afternoon, the breakout sessions begin. Some of these are hosted over Zoom while others are in person. On Tuesday students can tune into a discussion with Hannah Pilcher, Resident Director of Frances Crawford, about “Investing One-on-One.” The week will end with a hike whose point is “Encountering God in Nature” and the always-popular “Art and Worship.”

In the evenings, worship will be in-person in JPAC and livestreamed with guest speakers Justin Bilson, Ryan Scantling, Mary Farley and Ross Spigner.

When describing the heart behind this week, Walker was clear about Christian Focus Week’s purpose.

“Even though this is a Christian campus, the majority of our students are not a Christian,” Walker said. “This is a good time of spiritual emphasis. It’s a week where we emphasize spiritual aspects of life so that you can inspire people, teach, equip and educate [them] to be more faithful disciples of Jesus.”

Greer also hopes that students leave this week strengthened in their walks with God.

“I’m really hoping that people are able to come to the worship events,” Greer said. “Thinking about it now, it’s a really good theme for the time we’re in because we can’t get close. We physically can’t get close. I hope that people’s personal relationship with Christ will be strengthened.”

To sign up for Christian Focus Week events, click here and follow Campus Ministries on Instagram @obucm.

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